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Open Letter To Lupus

Dear Lupus, Let me make this one thing clear, May is a month to bring awareness not to celebrate you. It’s the month to remember those you took from their loved ones. It’s to congratulate and cheer on the warriors that kick your ass daily.

You tried to claim my life. Nine years ago you appeared and I had to learn how to strategically beat you at your own game. I still remember that day in June and the phone call that informed me that my life and limitations would be changing. I would parent from a hospital bed and fight just to make it to the first day of school to see my babies. You would destroy my credit and ability to be successful at a place of employment. You would test my marriage in ways I wouldn’t imagine.

Lupus this month I will show you how I beat you at your own game. You’ve opened doors I never thought possible. You’ve created a career for me. Gave me chances, relationships, and strength that I never saw coming.

Well Lupus, I’ve rounded up some of the fiercest Lupus Warriors. Get ready to go down as this Lupie Mama and Co. expose you and your evil ways and show the world how we overcome.

Yours Truly

TaVonna Symphony

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