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Today’s Lupie Mama displays so much strength and in spite of what Lupus has done to her she is still moving forward. She’s playing the hand she was dealt and in my eyes she's winning. Please allow me to share Quynn’s story.

I was diagnosed with SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) in 2009. I was pregnant with my oldest child and a genetic test was done due to the many miscarriages I’d had with no explanation. I had no idea the pain I was feeling in my body and joints along with the constant fevers and butterfly rash was the sign of a flare up. My pregnancy aggravated the symptoms of my lupus and it was while in flare up that the lupus was found. Over the years since finding out about my SLE, I’ve gone down a hard road. Many emergency room visits and hospital stays, even surgeries to remove my gallbladder and stents placed in my urethras to allow my kidneys to function properly when at times they were affected by my illness. Eating whatever I wanted went out the window due to the stomach and intestinal problems, my passion for drawing went on hold due to the rheumatoid arthritis that followed in my hands. Exercise became a chore due to the fatigue from my body ‘being allergic to itself’. It took the help of a rheumatologist to help alleviate the symptoms and finally put me in remission. I’ve had three successful pregnancies, and eight miscarriages due to the lupus. My children are my life and they are what keep me going. During times of flare up, I do split my time between resting and taking care of my children. I am unable to work due to the lupus which is a disadvantage, but they’re the cards that I was dealt.

To those moms who suffer from lupus, it is okay to rest whenever you are not feeling like yourself and it is okay to do moderate exercise such as a leisurely walk if your body will allow it or yoga. Diet also helps with plenty of foods with antioxidants in it.

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