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Today's Lupie Mama finds her strength in her child as I'm sure most of us do. She fakes it until she makes it. Coming to the stage is Kiamber.

Hello my name is Kiamber Clements. I'm 24 years old and a stay at home mom of a beautiful sixteen month old. I was diagnosed with lupus in April of 2013 on the day I was scheduled to take my graduation photos . Hard day to smile right ? Recently my flares have gotten worse and my energy levels have dropped I can barely keep up with my very energetic toddler . On the days that I feel terrible I have to fake it until I make it as we all would say. Faking smiles, faking laughter and faking exaggerated excitement over the little things she does. Those days are called “movie days” where we watch her all time favorite Moana and we sing every song as if we are performing in front of a huge audience. She loves going outside but the sun burns my skin and drains all the little energy I have so we rarely go out . So we mostly color , play with her blocks and watch Sesame Street. My husband is in the military so on days like today it’s only me and her and no matter how bad the pain is, no matter how severe the headache or no matter how tired I am I keep moving . I push forward to ensure that my baby girl receives all the love and attention she deserves . Although I’m quite cranky and easily upset on those days I remind myself that she doesn’t understand the fight I’m fighting everyday all while praying that she doesn’t have to suffer the way I’m suffering . My daughter is my saving grace.

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