As a Chronic Illness Consultant, TaVonna offers products, services and resources to assist patients, their families, medical personnel and organizations that provide assistance to chronically ill patients. To book a service or inquire about rates, please use the contact form.


Newly Diagnosed (What Now?)

I am here to give you peace of mind while saving you valuable time and money. When you are stressed and worried, I will be here to help you get the healthcare services you need. I’m available to facilitate all communication between you and your health care providers, while keeping your care streamlined and organized. Helping you cope with the chaos and turning it into order is my goal.

Care Givers

Not only is care giving an extremely challenging role, it’s also one that can go on for many years. I’m sure you’re just wanting to help out in any way that you can. Care giving is a responsibility best managed with plenty of help.

You need information, education, and tools that can help you manage the care of your loved ones. When you become a family caregiver for the first time, you can feel overwhelmed and hardly know where to start.

I’m available to help you find balance between your multiple roles you play.


TaVonna Symphony uses her life story and extensive knowledge to impart a wealth of education, empowerment and motivation into the lives of others. Whether she's speaking about life as a lupus warrior, the power to choose to live a full life or how she maintains her household and her chronic illness, she is sure to captivate any audience, leaving everyone with the understanding and more awareness of what's within them. Her most noteworthy topics are listed below. To book TaVonna Symphony as your next event speaker and inquire about rates, please use the contact form.

  Keynote - My Story

Guests will be empowered, motivated and hopeful after hearing how this 21-year-old newlywed and new mom dealt with the news of being diagnosed with cancer and lupus in the same conversation.

  Til Death Do Us Part

Being that TaVonna and her husband both live with chronic illnesses, she became an expert in how to maintain a healthy marriage despite the pain. Guests will hear their stories and learn how they make it work.

Chronic Illness Management

You’ve probably figured out how to raise your family, make friends, run errands, go to school, and work at jobs, all while trying to fight your own body. I know this can be draining and I’m here to help you gain to strength to keep fight and using the mantra “just show up”. 

  Take Back Your Life

Chronic illness doesn't mean you have to live a powerless, meaningless life. Your life still matters and it's yours to live! This motivational segment will empower chronically ill warriors to live their best life, despite their diagnoses.

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